Retreat Flyer

Sairam Dear Brothers and Sisters: We are delighted to share with you all that by Swami’s grace there has been a very enthusiastic response from the devotees to register for the upcoming regional retreat. Almost all the centers/groups are involved in the organization of the retreat . So far, 350 devotees have registered and we have […]

Revised Service Calendar for 2016

Sairam Everyone, Here is the revised service calendar for the year 2016. This has: Adjusted dates for Must Ministries Breakfast Service as confirmed by the management team Added the water delivery service we are starting from May first week (this weekend) Dates corrected We are not adding second week of Service at Genesis Shelter as […]

Time sensitive – Pilgrimage to Parthi

The feasibility of a national pilgrimage of Sai devotees in the USA is being explored. This pilgrimage is to visit Prashanthi Nilayam during Guru Poornima 2017 (early July, 2017). For planning purposes, the National President of USA Sai organization, Dr. Jack Feely would like to know the number of devotees interested in participating in this pilgrimage.The […]

Disaster Relief – Ecuador and Japan

As you may know, hundreds of people have lost their lives and thousands of homes have been destroyed in Ecuador and Japan due to the natural disasters. In Japan, the death toll stands at 48, with about 100,000 people being displaced from their homes. The Government of Japan is handling all rescue and recovery operations, […]