Swami Says

If you lift the hand to serve, to help, to console, to encourage another man, you are lifting it for God, for God is in every man.


Service Projects

Atlanta Sai Center has many ongoing service projects. These projects scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis and most of the service projects are conveniently scheduled on Saturdays. The Center also undertakes some special service projects to coincide with the special events or occasions. Some seasonal service projects are also taken up to help the community we live in.
Here is the current list of all the service activities that are going on. If you would like to join our team of highly motivated and committed service volunteers, please get in touch with the Service Coordinator at the Center during our Sunday service or you can also reach the coordinator by sending an email to atlsai.service@gmail.com.
We also send out weekly email updates on service activities along with detailed schedules.

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Service Activities

Narayana Seva (Feeding the needy)
Narayana seva is a project that begins by meeting every Saturday at 9.30 AM at a Center member’s home. We pack approximately 120-150 grocery bags, each with about nine different items while chanting the all powerful Gayathri Mantra. After packing of these bags, we sing Bhajans for about 20 minutes. After Bhajans, we head down to Atlanta Mission Men’s Shelter where we distribute about 100 bags. The rest of the bags are distributed to the needy on street side. Atlanta Sai Center has been performing this service activity continuously for more than two decades.
Frequency: Weekly
Day: Saturday
Time: 9:30 AM
Food Packet Distribution
Recreational Activity At A Nursing Home
Morning Breakfast Service At A Women’s Shelter
Morning Breakfast Service At A Men’s Shelter
Morning Breakfast Service At Must Ministries
Dinner Service At A Childcare Center
Brunch Service At A Childcare Center
Sorting and Packing Of Medical Supplies
Service Activities At Atlanta Sai Center
Extended Narayana Seva (Feeding the needy)
Delivery Of Water Bottles (Summer Season)
Food Collection Drive
Knitting Scarves And Hats

If you would like to volunteer for any of these activities or have any questions, please contact the Sathya Sai Center Service Coordinator at atlsai.service@gmail.com