We are programmed to look for certainty in an uncertain world.

We live in an uncertain world. Much of what lies ahead in life is unpredictable, whether it has to do with a pandemic, the economy, or your money, health, and family. However, we humans crave certainty. We desire a sense of security and control over our lives and wellbeing. We experience tension, anxiety, and a […]

Swami’s Teachings on Past, Present, and Future

He is a realized one who forgets the past, does not worry about the future, and discharges his duties in the present.” (Telugu Poem). Embodiments of Love! Past is past, future is uncertain, only present is in our hands. It is the foremost duty of man to live in the present and share his joy […]

Guru – The last resort

A short story by Baba An aspirant of a spiritual realization went off into a jungle and was plodding across the infested region, through the thick undergrowth, when he heard the angry roar of a lion. He climbed a tree to escape from the beast, but the lion saw him among the branches and roamed […]

Swami’s Teachings on ‘Ten Guiding Principles’ for Life

In His discourse at the World Conference on 21 November 1985, Sathya Sai Baba gave ten principles that should guide our lives. Below is this “ten-fold path to Divinity”, meant for everyone. With each principle, there is a pertinent quote from Sathya Sai Baba. Love and serve your country. Do not be critical of others’ […]