Sathya Sai Baba Teachings on ‘How to be Happy’

Quote 1: Happiness is essential for God-realization. It is one of the major gates to Divinity. It is not just a fault if a person is not happy; it is one of the most serious of faults.

Conversations with Sathya Sai Baba by Dr. Hislop, pg. 68.

Sadhana Activity 1: Practice flip-switching to Happiness. This means that when an unhappy situation comes along, for example when you feel that agitation or anger is coming, bring in a happy thought right away.

Quote 2: When we look at a beautiful flower, we feel happy. By evening the rose will fade away and the petals will fall. We have to carefully consider whether happiness is permanent or transient. Every object of beauty can only generate temporary happiness in us. Lasting happiness can only be found in the aspect of the Self and in the thought of God.   

Baba: The Breath of Sai, pg.279.

Sadhana Activity 2: It is very easy to get happiness from objects which are transient, but non-material objects can give us happiness which is everlasting. Hence write down every day one thing (non-material) that gave you happiness.

Quote 3: In order to seek relaxation and a renewal of a feeling of happiness, the man goes to a cinema and gets his mind filled with faulty life values, or the man goes off to the club. There he engages in conversation about the world, perhaps plays cards, and perhaps takes liquor. This is all a waste of time; and time waste is life waste. These activities weaken man. You are God, and to drink deeply of that ever-flowing spring of happiness, you must turn to activities that shine your Divine Atma.

My Baba and I, by Dr. Hislop, pg. 180.

Sadhana Activity 3: Abstain from any of these activities: watching movies, television, parties and gossip, drinking alcohol and sodas and playing cards for one week. Instead, read spiritual books, watch spiritual programs, engage in satsang (sacred gathering), and listen to spiritual discourses.

Quote 4: Whatever trouble you may face, you must learn to feel happy in any circumstance. If you are stung by a scorpion, you must console yourself that you were not bitten by a snake. Even if you are not a millionaire, be happy that you have enough resources to feed yourself and your family. This is the way to experience joy even while in adverse circumstances. You must take whatever is given by God as good for you.  

Summer Showers, August 1994, pg. 213.

Sadhana Activity 4: Practice gratitude (thanksgiving) in every situation. If adversity comes say to yourself “This is Swami’s will, so I am happy.”

Quote 5: “It is most essential to observe the principals of moderation in the habits of eating, working and sleeping. The Buddha said “Be always moderate, never go to excesses”. Moderation is the road to happiness.”    

Sathya Sai Newsletter, 1994, pg. 2.

Sadhana Activity 5:  Practice moderation in eating, working and sleeping.

Affirmation:  I am always Happy.

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