Global Akhanda Bhajans 11/9/2019 6.00PM to 11/10/2019 6.00PM

This weekend is Global Akhanda Bhajans, a worldwide event celebrated on the second Saturday & Sunday of the November month. Bhajans are sung continuously for 24 hours, filling the atmosphere with much needed positive energy and vibrations. The devotional singing starts at 6 pm on Saturday and ends at 6 pm on Sunday.

The event this year is held at North America Shirdi Sai Temple of Atlanta with street address 700 James Burgess Rd, Suwanee, GA 30024

Akhanda Bhajan Schedule

Saturday 11/9/2019

5:55 PM – Welcome, Announcements

6:00 PM – Assigned Singers

8:00 PM – Open to All**

Sundayd 11/10/2019

5:00 AM – Omkars, Suprabhatam, Rudram Chant
6:00 AM – Open to All**
10:30 AM – SSE Children
12:00 PM – Open to All**
4:00 PM – Assigned Singers
5:00 PM – Group Singing
6:00 PM – Aarthi, Gayatri chant, Vibhuthi Chant

** Open to All sessions are open to everyone including children of all ages.

The Bhajans that are sung permeate the ether in the form of sound waves and fill the entire atmosphere. Thereby, the whole environment gets purified. Breathing in this purified atmosphere, our hearts get purified. Reciting the Lord’s name is a process of give and take. Singing the Lord’s name should become an exercise in mutual sharing of joy and holiness. It should be remembered that the sounds we produce reverberate in the atmosphere. They remain permanently in the ether as waves and outlast the individual uttering the sounds.

Let’s all together sing His Glory with all our devotion and share the good vibes with this universe.

Jai Sai Ram!