Sathya Sai Baba’s Teachings on Christmas

When Jesus was born three Arabian kings came to see him. The first king said to Mary, “Mother, you have given birth to a child who loves God.” The second king said, “Mother you have given birth to a child who will be loved by God.” The third king said, “Mother Mary, your child is not different from God; both are one and the same.” The first one’s statement indicated Jesus’ role as a “messenger of God.” The second one’s statement indicated that he would be the “Son of God.” The third one’s statement indicated that the child would one day declare “I and my Father are one.” The first one viewed the child from the physical point of view. The second saw the child from the mental viewpoint. The third saw from the soul point of view.

These three declarations indicate how one can progress from the human to the Divine level. You must embark on the journey to unity with the Divine from now itself. In the beginning you regard yourself as a mere human being. Then, you reach the stage when you realize your potential Divinity. Finally, you reach the stage when you realize your Divinity. These three stages could be noticed in the career of Jesus.

You must pay attention to the lessons Jesus elaborated in the various stages of his life. When Jesus proclaimed that he was the messenger of God, he also wanted to emphasize that everyone is a messenger of God and has to speak, act and think like one. This is the true spiritual discipline of selfless work, prayer, service to humanity and meditation. The duty of every individual, being the messenger of God, is to practice and propagate the principles of truth, love and peace and to experience bliss and share it with others. Each individual has to accept that role and live as examples of Divine love and charity.

When spiritual progress is furthered, Jesus asserted that each one can recognize all as sons of God, children of God, brothers and sisters of oneself. Just as the son is the rightful heir to the father’s property, you have equal claim to God’s property of love, truth, forbearance, peace and empathy. So, you must strive to attain these qualities; you have to practice, experience and propagate these virtues. When you lead a life of purity and morality, you are entitled to regard yourselves as “sons of God.” God is the embodiment of love and you should not do anything that is contrary to the love that God represents.

Finally, when knowledge ripens into wisdom and the goal of spiritual wisdom is reached, each one realizes, “I and my Father are one,” just as Jesus ultimately declared.  Jesus and his Father were one. You and God are also one and you can be aware of it. You must make note of this oneness. God dwells in the heart of every man and that indwelling spark of the Divine is you – yourself. All else is illusion. Contemplate on that thought and, when the truth unfolds, you will find your true identity; then your whole life pattern will change, and you will see everyone in the same light. On deep enquiry, you will know that you are God. You are in God and God is in you. Understand this truth and act accordingly. You should be able to say with conviction that you are the spark of the Divine.

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