SSSE – Values based spiritual education for children – Registrations now open.

Registrations are now open for SSSE program for academic year 2022 – 2023.

What is SSSE?

SSSE is Sathya Sai Spiritual Educare – a spiritual & character building educational program designed as per the teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

How is SSSE different from other programs?

SSSE follows the core tenets if Sai Baba’s teachings.

  1. Education in Human Values – Truth (Sathya), Right Conduct (Dharma), Peace (Shanti), Love (Prema) and Non-Violence (Ahimsa)
  2. Unity of faiths – at the core all faiths teach the same values. Brotherhood of man and fatherhood of God.
  3. The true end of education is character. A character built on strong foundation of spirituality.
  4. Lay a path to realize the inner divinity in all of us
  5. Provide an environment where children can learn these through prayers, chants, lesson plans, plays, music (bhajans), selfless service etc.

Where the classes held?

Classes are held every Sunday at Atlanta Sai Center located at 1025 Mt. Vernon Hwy NW, Sandy Springs, GA 30327. The timings are from 2.45PM to 4.00PM.

Who can enroll in this program?

All children from ages 4 to 18 are eligible to enroll in the program. They are placed in groups that correspond to their grade in school:

Pre-SSE – School grade Pre K and Kindergarten
SSE Group 1- School grades 1, 2, and 3
SSE Group 2 – School grades 4, 5, and 6
SSE Group 3 – School grades 7, 8, and 9
SSE Group 4 – School grades 10, 11, and 12

How can I register my child(ren)?

You can enroll your children in the program by visiting this link:


Please email or call 720-394-8516.

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